Welcome to AltNews.INFO

We would like to thank everyone who urged the return of this alternative information source.

As the America we knew descends into chaos and tyranny, we at AltNews.INFO can no longer sit by as the wealth of our data collects virtual dust.

This site is a collection of memory-holed articles from the mainstream media, as well as political commentary from concerned American citizens. This is a strange time for Americans, we are broke, out of work, and the elite are openly plotting against us, slowkilling us, taxing us into the poorhouse, and all the while the war engine keeps on rolling, 9 years on and counting with millions dead.

The dire situation of America resembles that of the late Weimar Republic, and daily abuses are taken in stride by the suffering people of these great lands.

This site will attempt to shed light on the darkest of secrets told to us by our government, and the corporations that rule our lives.

We are in the process now of updating our database with all the articles we have published over the years, and thank you for your patience while we are re-growing our information banks, and we look forward to meeting and connecting with the patriot community of this country in a new way.


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