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City Government demands all keys to properties belonging to Cedar Falls residents.

Cedar Falls Iowa’s city council has just passed an ordinance demanding the keys to all commercial properties to be locked up outside of the building in order to assist emergency personnel to access the building in case of .. well “emergencies”. It is an unfunded mandate, meaning that business owners would be at their own expense on creating such a box.

The precedent here is astounding. We already know that we don’t own our land, this much is obvious from the fact that we must pay “property tax”, essentially “rent” on your land. Now, the government is telling its citizens in so many words that they do not even have control over their own buildings. This goes against the long standing castle doctrine, the 4th amendment, and real estate law for the past 75+ years.

Watch a video from the City Council meeting:



From the YouTube description of this video:

Ordinance #2740 (An unfunded city-wide mandate) was passed with a resounding 6 to 1 vote, and it allows for the citizens of Cedar Falls to forcefully give the government keys to their comercial properties through universal ‘lock boxes’. The intent of the program is to provide increased safety and protection to personal, private property which include businesses, apartments and some rental houses– which by the way– comes at the expense of furthering wayward erosion of fundamental constitutional rights.

Opposition organizes to beat key box ordinance:…

How to fight back:



We hope that everyone would side against the Cedar Falls city council, and all city councils across the country that attempt to bestow this sort of fascist regime upon us. Refuse, resist.

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