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Julian Assange Is (probably) Dead, Captured or Escaped


Disclaimer: This is simply my opinion, based upon published stories, events and alleged sightings. I cannot prove the conclusions I’ve reached at this time. The facts (transpired events) are however, the facts. These events did happen. When pieced together, they present a disturbing conclusion.

Lacking “proof of life”, there is every reason to suspect that Julian Assange of Wikileaks is dead, captured or escaped. Since his disappearance, there has been no current, actual proof of life from any source.

Proof of life is means current evidence that he is alive. Which means what it says – daily evidence of life. So far since his disappearance, there’s been none that can be reliably trusted. Just “reports” most of which are actually old regurgitated stories and videos.

None of the claims, videos, stories and reports circulating on the Internet since his disappearance are actually current when they were published, including Micheal Moore’s video (recorded in June) and widely circulated online, Pam Anderson’s visit in October, and even the John Pilger’s recent interview with Assange (released on November 5th). Outside of these last two people, NOBODY has claimed they’ve seen him and there are reasons to suspect both Pam and John’s stories as being a part of an ongoing coverup.

Since his disappearance, millions of people have wondered about the lack of evidence proving Assange is alive. Wikileaks (allegedly) responded to this demand early on – conducting a “poll” asking what evidence would suffice. A vote was taken, which had a current video as being the most desired, and a appearance at a window then next most desired. Then nothing happened. Wikileaks did not respond any further which was very strange considering the level of interest.

A lot of older videos and stories popped up the moment Assange disappeared too, which have been shared all over the Internet if you were looking (I did), all had their dates removed. The sheer number of these and their date removals were / is astounding (hundreds). Investigation into these stories and videos reveals that they are all “old” with nothing current being shown at all. Some dated back more then two years ago. What stood out each time was the apparent deliberate attempt make the videos and stories seem current when none actually were. Major news media sources and nearly all alternative news media sources were doing this. There are even several released today that has this same characteristic – they’re ALL old video takes. This can’t / couldn’t have been accidental since it is so consistent acrossed the Internet.

For the past four weeks, since October 12th, nobody other then Pam has admitted to actually seeing Julian Assange. In fact, only Pam Anderson has actually made this claim since October 16th. Nobody at the Ecudorian embassy, none of the staff, no bystanders watching the windows, nobody has reporting anything. All we have since then on October 16th is the story from Pamela Anderson. It’s possible she actually did see him then, but there has been nothing at all since.

There have been a few Tweets allegedly from Assange, and some very strange ones from Wikileaks containing odd mispellings and odd statements, however, none of these can be considered as evidence of anything.

John Pilger released a video interview of Assange on November 5th that appears to confirm it was taken after his internet was cutoff, however Assange does not actually bother to discuss this, nor does Pilger reveal when the interview actually takes place. Neither person even mentions his long disappearance either or the public demand for proof of life, only a specific point made by Pilger about his internet. Assange does not even answer this point nor even mention the interest in proof of life, which he would by now surely know about.

This in itself is also quite odd, since the Internet was abuzz with this request, but it was simply ignored like the Wikileaks promises that were issued. Assange is meticulous, very detail oriented and highly organized, it simply makes no sense at all that he would not respond to this request given opportunity. Which he allegedly had if the interview with Pilger was current. But we do not know for certain that it actually was. I suspect it wasn’t, just like all the other videos and stories that cropped up after his disappearance, because it contains critical absence of content.

I’ve written to Pilger myself, but it’s unlikely I’ll get a response. I suspect lacking more evidence, that the Pilger interview was performed shortly before Assange’s internet was cut off, or shortly thereafter. But this still does not explain anything else, nor can the Pilger video (posted here) be considered proof of life at this time.

There does seem to be an agenda from Wikileaks themselves to keep up appearances regarding Assange’s status. Tweets and postings about Assange are widely ignored, but the few that have appeared try to disaude any “conspiracy” regarding Assange and proof of life. This is also unusual, since it would be an incredibly easy thing to do to provide actual evidence and quell the rumors and speculation. Yet none has been provided. The resistance to this request is what is so strange.

If Assange has been taken or compromised, this raises many other serious questions, such as how compromised is Wikileaks now and the stories and leaks they’re releasing? The whole issue of trust and transparency becomes paramount. There have been many earth-shattering leaks regarding the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation and the crime / corruption / connections to global terrorism and pedophilia and much, much more since Assange disappeared. That is why proof of life is so imporant – if the Wikileaks editor has been captured, how much of the information being released by Wikileaks is compromised?

Maybe none of the information is compromised or fabricated at all, even if he were captured or dead. But integrity and honesty demands evidence on Assange anyway. Somebody is running the show over at Wikileaks and they probably do know his real status, but they’re not saying anything more then “Assange is ok“. However, considering all that has transpired, is that really sufficient? I think not. Either Wikileaks can’t or refuses to say more (at this time), or worse, Wikileaks isn’t really Wikileaks anymore. If their communications have been taken over, then the world will be left without this organization and the trust the people have placed within it.

Wikileaks is a repository and outlet for information leaked by anyone in the world, they are not the source of this information. You can read up about Wikileaks yourself to find out how it works.

Now, just two days before the (s)Election (November 6th), Wikileaks is apparently promised another “bombshell” release on Hillary Clinton. The Clinton camp however, already anticipated this a day ago and announced that if there were any more leaks, “they’re probably fake“. If they already know Assange is dead or in custody, this would certainly make sense. But if they are just running scared, they’d also say this to disuade anyone from being convinced by another new leak. So this isn’t really proof of anything, and the Hillary camp is quite obviously capable of saying / do anything to get (s)Elected as their record now clearly shows.

This new video was just released. In my opinion (as others have pointed out already), it’s fake. There are really strange head movements, odd delays and questions. The story about Seth Rich notwithstanding, I doubt that this video is really the real Assange. They certainly have the ability to fake it as my last post shows. Assange claims Wikileaks doesn’t delay leaks  in this video – which is exactly what Wikileaks has been doing for some time now, exquisitely “timing” leaks for maximum damage. This makes no sense.

Today (Monday, November 7th) there is wide-spread reporting that Julian Assange “will be questioned in the Ecuadorian Embassy” in London regarding the rape allegations. A Internet search will reveal that this story is very consistent across the Internet (carbon copies), which means what you should think it means, it’s all coming from a single source. It also means there there is a decided LACK of independent reporting on this.

In itself, this doesn’t mean much necessarily, other then evidence that reporters are pretty damned lazy today. It may also mean that nobody is expecting any surprises or doing any investigative journalism on this, and THAT is what stands out to me. All these news sources are simply reguritating what they’ve been told. That’s dangerous. But it’s very typical these days. The mind-control the media has over the public is quite astounding.

A DNA test is also supposed during this questioning period “if Assange agrees to this“. If this interview does not provide current video evidence of life to the world, then this interview is also suspect as proof of life. They already have his DNA if he’s been captured and could easily claim this as “proof”.

Lacking current video evidence with multiple credible eyewitnesses, there is simply no way to know if Assange is actually still alive and in the embassy. Not yet. But to this date, it is absolutely possible that there is a gigantic conspiracy unfolding pretending to keep Assange “alive” in the public eye. He could already be dead or captured, and this could have happened anytime after October 12th or the 16th (take your pick on who / what you believe). Moreover, he could still be permanently disappeared or renditioned or killed at anytime in the future.

This is a standard tactic by the way in clandestine operations. You can appear to make a disappearance before or after the actual, real event takes place. It is especially useful if you need to keep up appearances – or credibility.

We’ll have to wait for the promised November 14th interview at the embassy for additional proof one way or the other. If this is delayed, it is suspect. If it does not provide actual real proof, it is suspect. If we are left wondering again, having to trust or base “proof” on claims that cannot be trusted, it is suspect.

Here is the timeline as best as I can make it at this time, including the alleged “extradition” by aircraft of Assange. Note that this isn’t proof – just a claim. You can easily find the events below online, these actually did happen as far as I can tell:

Internet connection was cutoff, allegedly by the Ecuadorian embassy. Shortly thereafter, there were reports that the embassy was raided by police vehicles.

Pam Anderson visits on October 16th.

Three pre-commitments “tweets” were made on Oct 16, the same day Assange supposedly met with Pam Anderson:

  • pre-commitment 1: John Kerry 4bb96075acadc3d80b5ac872874c3037a386f4f595fe99e687439aabd0219809
  • pre-commitment 2: Ecuador eae5c9b064ed649ba468f0800abf8b56ae5cfe355b93b1ce90a1b92a48a9ab72
  • pre-commitment 3: UK FCO f33a6de5c627e3270ed3e02f62cd0c857467a780cf6123d2172d80d02a072f74

Fox News reports that Assange would be arrested in a few hours, on October 18th. This video reporting this has now been deleted, and deleted here too.

Wikileaks promised information releases on Tim Kaine and John Kerry, yet nothing to date has been provided. John Kerry allegedly asks Ecuador to stop Assange from publishing Clinton docs.

Wikileaks tweets on 22nd they will provide proof of life. A poll it taken, yet no proof is ever provided.

October 23rd – Michael Moore claims to have visited Assange. This video was recorded on June 9th. Wikileaks does not dispute this old video as evidence and neither does anybody else. This is repeated all over the place (far too many to list here) with old videos of Assange and interviews and many stories being suddenly resurfaced, all with their dates removed.

Wikileaks offers to provide proof of life, this story is picked up everywhere, yet nothing of the sort has been provided.

Ecuador conference call October 26th. It’s probable that this was fake. It is certainly not proof of lie. From a Reddit poster: “I think it was prerecorded yes. He never responds to a question which is very odd. And given the info he mentioned in there it could have been recorded as early as the 14th.”

There is a claim that Assange is actually being extradited –

Less than two weeks prior to the start of this timeline, Wikileaks published Assange’s Medical and Psychological Records on 9/14/2016. This is odd.

Some commentary I found:

The reason you would release that info is if you needed to either protect yourself from “dying of cancer” or getting “Alzheimers”. What they did was show that the only thing wrong with him is bad dentistry, but it also shows that there are dental records… It was a protection from character assassination by discrediting any claims that he was not of sound mind or actual assassination by mysterious un-diagnosed physical ailment. It’s possible Assange did this for security.

The Embassy was raided, we saw the pictures of police vehicles. Fox News reported he would be arrested in a few hours, that was on Oct 18th. They took Assange for the rape allegations or CIA rendition 9 miles away from the Embassy to a nearby airport, which coincidentally underwent a chemical attack clearing out witnesses and distracting low level airport personnel. John Kerry and Goldman Sachs may have struck a deal to bring him down any way possible. The conference was somehow forced or faked, using voice technology, or it was done under the presence and duress of multiple intelligence agents with their fingers on the mute button. Assange’s whereabouts unknown.

On the 26th of September 2016 Secretary of State John Kerry (self admitted Skull and Bones member) visited Colombia. WikiLeaks reported that inside sources had confirmed that John Kerry also met with Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa in Ecuador to personally ask Ecuador to stop Assange from publishing documents about Clinton. This was initially fervently denied in the press only later to be confirmed by the Ecuadorian embassy who admitted cutting off Julian’s internet due to pressure from the US. Ecuador wanted to appear impartial.

For over four years, the Ecuadorian embassy has been under surveillance and Julian’s human rights violated as he has been unlawfully detained termed “illegal arbitrary detention” by a recent UN ruling. During that time, it has been possible for intelligence agencies to gather critical information and build a detailed profile and plan to circumvent Julian’s dead man’s switch.

Both John Kerry and US intelligence agencies know perfectly well that cutting off Julian’s internet would have no impact on the release of the leaked emails that are damaging to Hillary’s campaign. It has been very clear for a long time that many US officials wanted Julian Assange dead, Hillary Clinton even has remarked, “can’t we just drone the guy”.

The cutting off of Julian’s internet access was not for the purpose of preventing the leaks of the Podesta and Hillary emails. Unless intelligence agencies are truly inept, they know that media organisations already have the entire leaked email database and a schedule for release, they also know WikiLeaks staff would continue to leak regardless of Julian’s ability to communicate.

Removing Assange would not be enough, they would need to circumvent his dead man’s switch and then tarnish WikiLeaks reputation. Removing Assange’s internet could have the effect of causing Assange to take steps that can be followed to prevent the automatic triggering of his DMS.

From the day Julian’s internet was cut off, a series of peculiar and uncharacteristic events started to take place. The same day that Julian’s internet was cut off, CBS reported that Pamela Anderson visited Assange and had “Tortured” him with a vegan sandwich. A few days before on the 14th, John Podesta tweeted “I bet the lobster risotto is better than the food at the Ecuadorian Embassy”. Then on October the 16th the SHA-256 prerelease keys were issued on WikiLeaks twitter feed, although these events are odd and seemingly inconsequential, combined with John Kerry being in the UK from the 16th to the 17th sparked concern among the community for Julian’s safety.

Assange supporters started to gather at the embassy to keep Assange safe and witness any foul play, some of these witnesses have claimed that a very swift police armed raid took place that lasted only 5 minutes while the crowd was kept under control and prevented from approaching, there have also been reports that they were prevented from taking photographs and that their phones were confiscated. A live periscope feed was also cut off. There have also been some reports of the presence of a mobile jamming van.

If Assange has been seized, any recognition by mainstream media would be detrimental to Hillary’s campaign. A covert operation with media blackout would be the only effective way of seizing him at this time. On October the 18th Fox News said that Julian Assange would be “arrested soon, maybe in a matter of hours.”. The was video was then promptly removed and articles relating to it have disappeared. However, one reddit user was able to find an alternative source and now the video can be found again on YouTube.

Although Julian’s primary DMS (the release of insurance file encryption keys) did not activate, on October the 18th one of Julian’s contingencies did activate, a script was activated that made publicly visible and set all the file date and time stamps to 01/01/1984 (Orwell reference). This file repository contains many documents that had not been released prior.

Staffers Kristinn Hrafnsson and Sarah Harrison, have gone silent while the Ecuadorian embassy is refusing to provide any updates on Assange’s fate. There is a recorded call made to the embassy by a journalist where the receptionist refused to confirm that Julian was at the embassy, she also refused to confirm that Julian was even alive. Julian has not made an appearance at the window of the embassy since being cut off.

WikiLeaks suggested in a tweet that its supporters were responsible for the DDOS attacks on the 21st. Neither Assange or WikiLeaks would ever insinuate such a thing. WikiLeaks deceptively tweeted a video of Michael Moore that was actually recorded in June. The video was posted on the 24th of October giving the impression that Michael Moore had been speaking with Assange in the embassy. Why would WikiLeaks do this when they know they are already under suspicion?

WikiLeaks have been using their Twitter account to give the appearance of his safety while providing no concrete evidence of his safety. They issued a poll asking what proof would satisfy the public that Julian was safe. WikiLeaks have yet to follow up on the conclusive result of a video or window appearance.

Julian Assange is known for his attention to detail and his consistently good spelling and grammar. Currently the twitter feed has very poor spelling, there are numerous uncharacteristic spelling errors, for example, an accomplished cryptographer knows how to correctly spell algorithm and so do WikiLeaks staff.

On the 21st of October, there was a massive widespread DDOS attack that disrupted US and EU internet. Also on the 21st of October London City Airport was evacuated. The next day (the 22nd), Gavin MacFayden is reported dead. WikiLeaks made a further blunder by stating his death as the 23rd.

There has been a number of high level WikiLeaks deaths recently too. John Jones QC – WikiLeaks U.N. lawyer died on April 16th 2016. Michael Ratner – WikiLeaks chief counsel died on May 11th 2016. Seth Rich – Employee of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was fatally shot on July 10th 2016 and Gavin MacFadyen – WikiLeaks director died October 22nd 2016.

If WikiLeaks has been compromised, it is already preparing the scene for future discrepancy to seriously tarnish WikiLeaks reputation. Nothing WikiLeaks has shared since the 15th of October 2016 should be trusted until Julian has been fully verified as alive.

My speculative fears are that Julian has been seized and removed from the Embassy. His internet being cut not being related to the release of the emails, but rather as a component of a plan of 4 years in the making to as secretly as possible remove Assange from the embassy, circumvent his DMS and hijack WikiLeaks with the key team members silenced or under duress.

My fears would be confirmed by no future public (mass witnessing and recorded/televised) appearance of Julian Assange discussing recent topics. His death by whatever means after the US presidential election would be extremely suspect. Until proof of life, assume the following compromised: SHA-256 verification Keys posted after the 15th. WikiLeaks submission process and/or platform. WikiLeaks twitter feed. Any WikiLeaks leaks after the 15th October 2016.

I have written to John Pilger about his recent video without any response, but I’m sure he gets tons of email:

Greetings, There has been wide speculation regarding Julian Assange and his disappearance. Virtually all videos, stories, articles, etc., now being published are “pre-disappearance” recordings and stories. What was the DATE you last interviewed Julian Assange? So far, there has been no actual proof of life since his disappearance. Millions of people are depending on YOU for the answer. Thank you.

Now, just two one day before the (s)Election, Wikileaks is apparently promising another “bombshell” on Hillary Clinton. The Clinton camp however, already anticipated this and announced that if there were any more leaks, “they’re probably fake“. If they already know Assange is dead or in custody, this was certainly make sense.

Today (Monday, November 7th) there is a report that Julian Assange “will be questioned in the Ecuadorian Embassy” in London regarding the rape allegations. A DNA test is also supposed to be performed. If this does not provide video evidence of life to the world, then this story is also suspect as proof of life. They already have his DNA if he’s been captured.

It’s actually also possible Assange has escaped and is somewhere else. Nobody that knows anything about this is saying. My conclusion however is Assange is no longer in the embassy. I don’t know if he’s dead or not (I’ve looked into the plane story, flight path, redirection to Florida, etc.) but cannot conclude anything lacking actual evidence.

It’s an interesting twist, that’s for sure, worthy of a Hollywood movie. I believe Assange is dead / gone / captured based on the evidence and obvious coverup taking place, until I actually see proof and evidence otherwise.

‘War on whistleblowers must end!’ – Assange speech at Ecuador Embassy

Julian Assange makes his first public appearance in two months, ever since he took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. The WikiLeaks founder was granted political asylum on Thursday — a decision that ignited a wave of international responses, with the UK and Sweden opposing the verdict and Latin American countries strongly supporting Ecuador’s move. MORE INFO & PHOTOS:

Julian Assange lawyer’s phone was hacked by News of the World

Channel 4 News learns that media lawyer Mark Stephens may have been a target of phone hacking by the News of the World, as police investigate alleged attacks on the voicemails of solicitors.

Julian Assange's lawyer Mark Stephens who has told Channel 4 News his phone may have been hacked by the News of the World

High-profile media lawyer Mark Stephens has revealed to Channel 4 News that police have confirmed he is among the 4,000 potential News of the World phone-hack victims.

His name appears in Glenn Mulcaire’s notebooks, which police are currently trawling. Sixty officers working for Operation Weeting are contacting people whose mobile phone numbers were listed by the private investigator, who served a jail sentence for phone hacking in 2007.

Mr Stephens told Channel 4 News he contacted Scotland Yard to ask if his phone had been targeted. He said: “I asked them if I’d been hacked – they came back to me in 90 mins and said yes.

“It confirmed my worst suspicions, that I was in Mulcaire’s notebook.

“There is nothing I can do about it but the important thing is to ascertain which client [was the target] so I can advise them.

“My concern is for them, not myself.

“Until they [police] come and see me – I don’t know which client it’s in connection with.”

Mr Stephens’s former clients include James Hewitt, who had an affair with Princess Diana, and most recently the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Dowler lawyer targeted

The BBC’s Newsnight programme has revealed that three solicitors, including Mark Lewis, who is representing 70 alleged hacking victims including the family of Milly Dowler, may also have had their voicemails illegally accessed.

There are also allegations that Mr Lewis was put under surveillance by a private investigator acting for the News of the World. Amnd it is claimed this monitoring was not for the purposes of investigating a story. Mr Lewis has referred the allegations to the police.

Perverting the course of justice

The Law Society has expressed serious concerns following the development, pointing out that interfering with the voicemail of a solicitor is potentially a serious offence if it has been done with the intention of undermining court action.

Hacking into solicitors’ phones would be very serious indeed, and we urge the police to carry out a full investigation,” said the society’s chief executive Des Hudson.

“If hacking was carried out with the intention of undermining court action, it might well constitute an attempt to pervert the course of justice, which is a serious criminal offence.

“In any event, it is a shocking breach of the privacy of both solicitors and their clients.”

Bradley Manning’s internet chats with Zach Antolak – the full text

Bradley Manning
Bradley Manning, pictured, had a series of internet chats with gay activist Zach Antolak while he was training at Fort Drum in 2009. Photograph: AP

Over the course of about 15 hours of internet chats, spread across about six months in 2009, Bradley Manning had a series of conversations with a gay activist from outside Chicago called Zach Antolak who he had approached through cyberspace having come across Antolak’s YouTube channel.

Manning, who is currently being held at the Fort Leavenworth military facility in Kansas on suspicion that he was the source of the WikiLeaks trove of US state secrets, was at that time training at Fort Drum in upstate New York.

The chat logs reproduced below have never been seen in their entirety before. They were obtained by New York magazine, which drew on them in the writing of a long profile of the US soldier, Bradley Manning’s Army of One.

In the chats, Manning uses the internet handle bradass87, while Antolak goes by ZJ (or on YouTube as Zinnia Jones). In the course of their cyber-discussions, Manning describes his life in the army and its discriminatory don’t ask don’t tell (DADT) policy towards gays, talks about his time in a Welsh school, life at home with his father in Oklahoma, his thoughts on terror suspects detained in Guantánamo, as well as his views on religion and foreign affairs.

The chats can be sketchy and at times mundane, but they are revealing about the character and outlook of the man who stands accused of supplying the largest leak of official secrets in history.

The logs have been edited in three places to protect the privacy of a third party.


Read the logs here:

Julian Assange tells students that the web is the greatest spying machine ever

The WikiLeaks founder says he also believes the internet is not a technology that favours freedom of speech

Assange to address Cambridge Union

Julian Assange told students at Cambridge that the internet is 'the greatest spying machine the world has ever seen'. Photograph: Lewis Whyld/PA

The internet is the “greatest spying machine the world has ever seen” and is not a technology that necessarily favours the freedom of speech, the WikiLeaks co-founder, Julian Assange, has claimed in a rare public appearance.

Assange acknowledged that the web could allow greater government transparency and better co-operation between activists, but said it gave authorities their best ever opportunity to monitor and catch dissidents.

“While the internet has in some ways an ability to let us know to an unprecedented level what government is doing, and to let us co-operate with each other to hold repressive governments and repressive corporations to account, it is also the greatest spying machine the world has ever seen,” he told students at Cambridge University. Hundreds queued for hours to attend.

He continued: “It [the web] is not a technology that favours freedom of speech. It is not a technology that favours human rights. It is not a technology that favours civil life. Rather it is a technology that can be used to set up a totalitarian spying regime, the likes of which we have never seen. Or, on the other hand, taken by us, taken by activists, and taken by all those who want a different trajectory for the technological world, it can be something we all hope for.”

Assange also suggested that Facebook and Twitter played less of a role in the unrest in the Middle East than has previously been argued by social media commentators and politicians.

He said: “Yes [Twitter and Facebook] did play a part, although not nearly as large a part as al-Jazeera. But the guide produced by Egyptian revolutionaries … says on the first page, ‘Do not use Facebook and Twitter’, and says on the last page, ‘Do not use Facebook and Twitter’.

“There is a reason for that. There was actually a Facebook revolt in Cairo three or four years ago. It was very small … after it, Facebook was used to round-up all the principal participants. They were then beaten, interrogated and incarcerated.”

Read more…

Amtrak police chief bars Transportation Security Administration from some security operations


By Don Phillips
Published: March 3, 2011

WASHINGTON — In late February, the Transportation Security Administration took over the Amtrak station in Savannah, Ga., and thoroughly searched every person who entered. None of the passengers got into trouble, but the TSA certainly did — big time.

Amtrak Police Chief John O’Connor said he first thought a blog posting about the incident was a joke. When he discovered that the TSA’s VIPR team did at least some of what the blog said, he was livid. He ordered the VIPR teams off Amtrak property, at least until a firm agreement can be drawn up to prevent the TSA from taking actions that the chief said were illegal and clearly contrary to Amtrak policy.

“When I saw it, I didn’t believe it was real,” O’Connor said. When it developed that the posting on an anti-TSA blog was not a joke, “I hit the ceiling.”

Video of the screening is available at:

O’Connor said the TSA VIPR teams have no right to do more than what Amtrak police do occasionally, which has produced few if any protests and which O’Connor said is clearly within the law and the Constitution. More than a thousand times, Amtrak teams (sometimes including VIPR) have performed security screenings at Amtrak stations. These screenings are only occasional and random, and inspect the bags of only about one in 10 passengers. There is no wanding of passengers and no sterile area. O’Connor said the TSA violated every one of these rules.

A posting in late February to the Transportation Security Administration’s blog, which serves as a public relations tool of the TSA, tried to explain why TSA agents took over the Amtrak station in Savannah. But O’Connor said the “facts” as posted on the TSA blog were incorrect. He said the blog indicated that Amtrak had approved of the operation, but it had not. He called the TSA’s posting on “inaccurate and insensitive.” As of the time this story was filed, the same posting remained on the blog.

A TSA spokesman said he could not elaborate on the blog posting.

O’Connor said he must take some of the blame because he did not more carefully observe what the VIPR teams were doing. He said the TSA had apologized repeatedly to him, but they must agree to firm restrictions before he will consider allowing them back on Amtrak property.

The search was first revealed on the blog

However, that blog got it at least half wrong. The TSA did not, as the blog said, funnel people who arrived by train into the station for a search. Instead, the TSA took over the station and posted notes outside saying that anyone who entered would be “subject to mandatory screening.” Those who know the Savannah station realize that it generally is not necessary for anyone arriving or departing by train to go into the station. It is much easier to park the car or be dropped off near the platform.

Therefore, why was the TSA searching only anyone entering the station? It might even be easier to explain why they might have searched everyone. For instance, such questions as, did they have a tip someone was carrying a small atomic bomb? In the end, it is not even possible to discern a reason for what they actually did. Why search only people unfortunate enough to need to enter the station – people who needed to buy tickets, an elderly person who was dropped off and needed a place to sit while waiting, a mom whose infant badly needed a diaper change?

The group involved is TSA’s VIPR operation, which deals with surface transportation. VIPR is short for “visible intermodal protection and response.” It turns out that VIPR has been far more active than imagined. Teams have searched bus passengers all over the country, have done similar things at train stations, and have even blocked traffic on bridges to search trucks and cars. That even included the busy Chesapeake Bay Bridge near Washington.

The VIPR teams were rolled out on Dec. 12, 2005, then promptly pulled back two days later when it turned out that no one had informed numerous local governments. It was a fiasco. Several local jurisdictions said they had no interest and opted out, including the Washington Metro system. But teams, moving slowly, have apparently re-infiltrated surface transportation facilities. Unlike the TSA at airports, these teams have access to firepower. Although the TSA is not allowed to carry weapons, some armed Federal Air Marshals have been switched to ground duty.

One major unanswered question is: why? What purpose is being served other than to justify employment? You will certainly hear more about this in Trains.

Wikileaks cable: The CIA already has a strong and growing relationship with the Egyptian Intelligence Service (EGIS)

In an interesting new Wikileaks cable, released 2011-02-07, it is admitted that there is a “strong” and “growing” relationship between the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, and the EGIS, the Egyptian Intelligence Service. It is unclear if this new cable’s release timing is directly or indirectly implying CIA and EGIS involvement in the popular revolution now occurring in that country, but it would suggest at least that a larger hand is at work within regard to US / Egyptian policy, and that the two countries are sharing intelligence data.

To watch for would be the installation of a new US trained puppet into the Egyptian government, and if that puppet is accepted by the people of Egypt to be one of their own. For now, it seems apparent to most Egyptians that El Baradei is not one of their own, and has only been in Egypt for 30 days throughout his whole life, and that he is a US stooge, and his bid appears to be being rejected by the people. The growing sentiment in fact appears to be that the Egyptians want to be left alone and allowed to make their own decisions.

Morenatti/AP Egyptian

3 weeks into the protests, the demonstrators show no signs of letting up and seem intent on staying in the streets and showing their presence until they have ousted Hosni Mubarak.

“I will die here if Mubarak does not leave,” 52-year-old Gabor Youssef Hussein told Reuters.

In a new effort to provide transparency to the people, the newspaper Al-Masry al-Youm printed some very interesting and alarming estimates of the wealth of top officials within the Egyptian government who are currently under investigation for corruption:

  • Ahmed Ezz, a steel magnate who was organization secretary of the ruling party: $3 billion.
  • Ex-Housing Minister Ahmed al-Maghraby: $1.8 billion.
  • Ex-Tourism Minister Zuhair Garrana: $2.2 billion.
  • Ex-Minister of Trade and Industry Rashid Mohamed Rashid: $2 billion.
  • Ex-Interior Minister Habib al-Adly: $1.3 billion.

Mubarak himself is said to have a net worth somewhere in the range of $40 to $70 billion dollars. By comparison, the “Richest man in the world” Carlos Slim Helú has $53 billion.

Meanwhile, the average Egyptian takes home just under $60USD per week.

WikiLeaks: Ron Paul Explains What Baghdad Embassy Cable Reveals
Jan 27, 2011

One of the crown jewels of secret pre-Gulf War negotiations was unveiled tonight when the notorious Glaspie Memo, or as it is now known 90BAGHDAD4237, was released by WikiLeaks.

Related Cables:

90BAGHDAD4237 1990-07-25 SECRET Embassy Baghdad…

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PFC Bradley Manning being psychologically tortured in isolation

Pfc Bradley Manning

It is being reported by Russia Today that Whistleblower PFC Bradley Manning Whistleblower, responsible for the leak of  is sitting in solitary confinement and not even being allowed to do push ups, according to the President of Psychologists for Social Responsibility, Stephen Soldz. (watch the video below) The Pentagon is, of course, disputing these allegations. In an odd, but perhaps unrelated story, the brig commander at Quantico was recently changed, a move that was said to have been “planned for months“, and part of regular military movement.

“This was a planned, regular-duty rotation. It just happened to be that everything fell in place when it did. It wasn’t situationally driven,” 1st Lt. Brian Villiard said in a telephone interview.

PFC Manning was recently placed on suicide watch for “prevention of injury”, a process of intense watch, and restriction of movement, and ability to exercise or do much of anything at all, a process which, in the analysis of the President of Psychologists for Social Responsibility,  would inspire thoughts of increased helplessness, and eventually of suicide. With nothing to do for 23 hours a day, this sort of psychological torture would also produce detachment, and memory problems, which is likely exactly what they intend to do to him before he is allowed to go to trial to potentially incriminate many.

It has been reported that supporters and journalists seeking to cover the story of Bradley Manning have been detained by Quantico.

Bradley is accused of released the so-called “Collateral Murder” video, which WikiLeaks published in April 2010, of a July 2007 helicopter airstrike in Baghdad that killed 2 Reuters journalists, including  Noor Eldeen.

from Wikipedia:

WikiLeaks released a 39-minute version, which shows all three incidents, and a 17 minute version, which shows only the first two attacks. Highlighted in the 17 minute version of the video are Noor-Eldeen with a camera and Chmagh talking on his mobile phone.[11] Both videos depict the attack on the van, van driver, and two other men, and the aftermath when the two seriously injured children were evacuated by US ground forces who arrived on the scene.[23] The longer video shows the third attack, in which Hellfire missiles were fired into a building.[3]

We from AltNews.INFO ask our readers to keep Bradley Manning in your positive thoughts, lend him strength in his hour of persecution, for the strength of his mind and body is of the utmost importance to the human race in the fight against the globalist war machine. Bradley Manning represents a strike right at the heart of the military industrial complex, and he needs our support. Visit for more information on what you can do to lend your support.

Watch the RT Interview

Facing Threat From WikiLeaks, Bank Plays Defense

Published: January 2, 2011

By the time the conference call ended, it was nearly midnight at Bank of America’s headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., but the bank’s counterespionage work was only just beginning.

Julian Assange of Wikileaks

Kirsty Wigglesworth/Associated Press Julian Assange has never said explicitly that the data he possesses comes from Bank of America, though he did say that the disclosure would take place sometime early this year.

A day earlier, on Nov. 29, the director of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, said in an interview that he intended to “take down” a major American bank and reveal an “ecosystem of corruption” with a cache of data from an executive’s hard drive. With Bank of America’s share price falling on the widely held suspicion that the hard drive was theirs, the executives on the call concluded it was time to take action.

Since then, a team of 15 to 20 top Bank of America officials, led by the chief risk officer, Bruce R. Thompson, has been overseeing a broad internal investigation — scouring thousands of documents in the event that they become public, reviewing every case where a computer has gone missing and hunting for any sign that its systems might have been compromised.

In addition to the internal team drawn from departments like finance, technology, legal and communications, the bank has brought in Booz Allen Hamilton, the consulting firm, to help manage the review. It has also sought advice from several top law firms about legal problems that could arise from a disclosure, including the bank’s potential liability if private information was disclosed about clients.

The company’s chief executive, Brian T. Moynihan, receives regular updates on the team’s progress, according to one Bank of America executive familiar with the team’s work, who, like other bank officials, was granted anonymity to discuss the confidential inquiry.

Whether Mr. Assange is bluffing, or indeed has Bank of America in its sights at all, the bank’s defense strategy represents the latest twist in the controversy over WikiLeaks and Mr. Assange.

The United States government has been examining whether Mr. Assange, an Australian, could be charged criminally for the release by WikiLeaks of hundreds of thousands of classified Pentagon and State Department diplomatic cables that became the subject of articles in The New York Times and other publications last month.

The Swedish government is also seeking to question Mr. Assange about rape accusations against him. As he fights extradition from Britain in that case, he remains under house arrest in an English mansion. Mr. Assange has said the timing of the rape accusations was not coincidental, and that he was the victim of a smear campaign led by the United States government.

Despite his legal troubles, Mr. Assange’s threats have grown more credible with every release of secret documents, including those concerning the dumping of toxic waste in Africa, the treatment of prisoners held by the United States at Guantánamo Bay, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and, most recently, the trove of diplomatic cables.

That Mr. Assange might shift his attention to a private company — especially one as politically unpopular as Bank of America or any of its rivals, which have been stained by taxpayer-financed bailouts and the revelation of improper foreclosure practices — raises a new kind of corporate threat, combining elements of law, technology, public policy, politics and public relations.

“This is a significant moment, and Bank of America has to get out in front of it,” said Richard S. Levick, a veteran crisis communications expert. “Corporate America needs to look at what happens here, and how Bank of America handles it.”

Last month, the bank bought up Web addresses that could prove embarrassing to the company or its top executives in the event of a large-scale public assault, but a spokesman for the bank said the move was unrelated to any possible leak.

Then, on Dec. 18, Bank of America may have antagonized Mr. Assange further when it said it would join other companies like MasterCard and PayPal in halting the processing of payments intended for WikiLeaks, citing the possibility the organization’s activities might be illegal.

Mr. Assange has never said explicitly that the data he possesses comes from Bank of America, which is the nation’s largest bank, though he did say that the disclosure would take place sometime early this year.

Read more..

Top 7 Memory-Holed Stories of 2010

Posted by Iconoclast (your humble AltNews.INFO moderator and administrator), on Dec 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, 2010 has been the year of astounding political revelations, and the wide-spread political awakening of the people continues. Leading the charge in holding the criminal elite to account of course, is the Wikileaks organization, which has been championing the cause of liberating the information flow and shedding tremendous light upon those that prefer to deal in darkness.

AltNews.INFO, in its own, small corner of the web, is doing what it can to light the darkness of our world, and cast the light of truth onto the shadowy dealings of the entities controlling us by re-posting and saving articles which they would soon forget ever having been released at all.

The following 7 stories that were released quietly, and without much fanfare, or recognition by the mainstream media, we feel, represent the ideal of AltNews.INFO, and in the spirit of disclosure, the spirit of holding the elite accountable for their crimes, the spirit of Wikileaks.

The information age has brought the information war, and with it, battles are won and lost.
“. . . whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that, whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them right.” – Thomas Jefferson


7. – Obama Extends the Patriot Act

Obama extends Patriot Act

Obama Extends the Patriot Act

Not discussed much, and quickly forgotten, the new President extends the Patriot Act, which allows more Bush era tactics, such as wiretapping, email monitoring, and other invasive methods of gathering intelligence.

Three sections of the Patriot Act that stay in force will:

* Authorize court-approved roving wiretaps that permit surveillance on multiple phones.
* Allow court-approved seizure of records and property in anti-terrorism operations.
* Permit surveillance against a so-called lone wolf, a non-U.S. citizen engaged in terrorism who may not be part of a recognized terrorist group.

So, in an apparent return, or at least continuation of the Bush era Stasi tactics, Americans are again under the microscope, considered the Enemy from which the next underwear bomber, or Sears Tower plotters might come.

Meanwhile, the United States borders remained completely wide open, except for that one state which had had enough of that.

6. Arizona shoots itself in the face, making an already bad economy worse for their citizens in a silly reactionary move.

In their fervor to remove the illegals immigrants, Arizona decided to compound on an already crippled economy when they collectively blamed the Mexicans for the problem, and passed the controversial SB 1070, which would summarily cause the exodus of at least 100,000 people vital to their economy from their state. The rash move on the part of the state incited the federal government to file suit against the state.

The Perryman Group soon after released an underpublished, forgotten, memory-holed report regarding the financial backlash of SB 1070.  The report illustrated how if all unauthorized immigrants were removed from the state, Arizona would lose $26.4 billion in economic activity, $11.7 billion in gross state product, and approximately 140,324 jobs.

Nice job, AZ. Way to fall for the population reduction scheme of the elites.

5. Bailed out banks and Wealthiest Americans are cheating the IRS, contributing to economic collapse

Bloomberg author Christine Harper reported on December 16, 2008 in an articled titled “Goldman Sachs’s Tax Rate Drops to 1% or $14 Million” that Goldman Sach’s “which got $10 billion and debt guarantees from the U.S. government in October, expects to pay $14 million in taxes worldwide for 2008 compared with $6 billion in 2007.”

Thomas B. Edsall from The Huffington Post on February 23, 2009 in an article entitled “Gimme Shelter:  Tax Evasion and the Obama Administration” reported that “A 2008 GAO study shows that 83 of the top publicly held U.S. companies have set up operations in such tax havens as the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and the Virgin Islands.” and as Project Censored discovered:

Swiss banking giant UBS has enabled wealthy Americans to use tax schemes—some of which are illegal— to cheat the IRS out of over $20 billion in recent years, according to the Department of Justice.  UBS, a sponsor of the prestigious Miami Art Basel show, takes advantage of this public event to build relationships with the rich by helping them find ways to avoid paying taxes in the US. Art Basel Miami Beach is the most important art show in the United States, a cultural and social highlight for the Americas.

Meanwhile, if you, the Average American Joe attempt to sail the IRS’s seas of piracy and you so much as miss a digit in the coin column, you can expect to be boarded with an audit. There’s a concept out there which the Pentagon has strategized for, called economic warfare. Do you think it just MIGHT be being used against us?

4. Gulf Oil spill… who made money on it?

Google a company called Nalco, and you’re on your way..

Nalco manufactures water purification systems and hmmm, oddly enough… “chemical dispersants”.

Nalco is based out of Chicago and they operate subsidiaries in India, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, and, of course China.

Nalco is associated with UChicago Argonne program.

I bet you can guess this… UChicago Argonne received $164 million dollars in stimulus funds this past year. UChicago Argonne just added two new executives to their roster. One from Nalco. The other from the Ill. Dept of Education. Oh, the ink doesn’t spill too far from the well, does it?

Now, just dig a little more, and you might find out that Nalco is also associated with Warren Buffett, Maurice Strong, Al Gore, George Soros, Apollo, Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, Hathaway Berkshire.

That’s right. Check out the connections…

‘This is Nalco:

Goldman Sachs was part of a three-pronged group that purchased Nalco:

Buffett’s Bet On Water, Nalco (NLC is trade code):

‘Blackstone, Apollo and Goldman Sachs to acquire Ondeo Nalco’ (COREXIT 9500):

The Milken Institute – Leon Black of Apollo Management LLC (i.e. Nalco):

BP plc, Citigroup Inc., Goldman Sachs, Nalco Holding Co., Halliburton Co:

The Chicago, Nalco, Arab, Blago, Rezko Connection:

Obama’s Economic Adviser Buffet,= Berkshire Hathaway Inc – Nalco Holding Co:

Nalco and the China Connection:

‘Nalco eyes doubling of sales in China:

Berkshire the second-largest shareholder in Nalco:

Company Profile ‘NALCO Holding Co:

’96 “partnerships with enviro products thru 2010”! Attendees: Gore M. Strong & Nalco:

Gore/Strong EPA Conference ’96:

Follow the money….


3. Google and CIA openly in bed with each other to operate Minority Report style “prediction” of web usage.

minorityreportYou heard that right. Google and the CIA have both invested money in a firm that claims to be able to prowl the web in real time, searching for information Americans freely give out on networks like Twitter and Facebook, to use against them when they feel that they might be up to something nefarious.

This doesn’t open the door to any abuses of our civil liberties or of the concept of innocent until proven guilty, now does it? But is this any surprise? The alphabet agencies thrive on secrecy, and information gathering, data analysis, and data retention.

Another, perhaps under looked caveat to this information obsession, is that with energy already in short supply, we’ll need to tap other sources of energy to satiate our energy consumption problem, as data centers around the nation used for data storage, and processing in the Big Brother Police States of America eat ever more enormous amounts of it in their endless appetite for more bits and bytes. I guess, then, it’s a good thing Google is funding an offshore wind farm and servers are about to consume far less energy than they used to using stacked Netbook processors..  All so we can be tracked and surveilled that much easier by the systems of control.

2. “Google evil” tops Google Trends list for most searched term, Dec 1, 2010

'Google Evil' tops Google Trends for Dec 1, 2010

'Google Evil' tops Google Trends for Dec 1, 2010

How and why did this happen? A determined group of truth seekers, bound together by a common factor, an outspoken radio host by the name of Alex Jones, that’s how. Alex had previously discovered and utilized the power of crowd sourcing, that Art Bell had put to legendary use before him on his radio show, and this day, Alex was livid about Google. He decides to have his radio audience search “google evil”, and within about an hour, it was there as number one, and it stayed there, an ugly mark on the face of Google Trends, and was not disturbed.

Alex Jones, just like Art Bell before him, tapped into the cloud of human consciousness through his radio platform, reaching hundreds of thousands if not millions of minds, focusing their energy, and rage into a laser beam of truth that the mainstream media… absolutely ignored.

You would think, in this world of fairies, leprechauns, and elves; where politicians and corporations are held to  account, that the company known for its motto ‘Don’t be evil’ being called out on their own networks as being “evil” would have generated some sort of response. Not a peep was heard.

And the number 1 story on the list,

TSA, In order exercise your right to travel, you must

A. Get cancer


B. Get sexually assaulted

…and by the way, we’re keeping these naked images of you.


TSA keeps naked images of passengers

Not only has it been stated over and over and over again that the backscatter radiation body scanners can cause cancer, to the point that scientists with the University of California at San Francisco were so worried that they wrote a letter to the White House Office of Science and Technology in April raising “a number of red flags” on the scanners’ safety, but they also run a risk of ‘unzipping’ or tearing apart double-stranded DNA, you know, the kind we have?

The technology has not only been proven to be ineffective against many different types of low-density materials such as plastic, chemicals or liquid, but it could be easily defeated as all the terrorist would need to do is flatten his plastic explosive into a pancake shape to hug his body. A terrorist with the intent to make it to Allah, would have to remember though, that PETN doesn’t light with an open flame. You’d think maybe the underwear bomber would have learned from Richard Reid who tried the same trick, that PETN doesn’t explode when burned

As an alternative to these dangerous x-ray machines, you could opt-out, provided you had some idea that you COULD opt-out, and in doing so receive an “enhanced” pat-down, otherwise known as a rape-down, or a gate-rape. Meaning you subjected yourself to letting the government get inside your panties and feel around with a blue glove that likely hasn’t been changed all day.

All this from a Government organization with such shoddy background checks for their own employees, that it allows rapists and pedophiles to get jobs with them.

Oh, but the TSA Blog says it’s a MYTH that they are keeping the images of your naked body if you do choose the cancer machine.

Myth: TSA Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) images can be stored on the AIT machines located in our airports.

Fact: Completely false – TSA’s machines should not be confused with the recent stories about the U.S. Marshals Service.  The machines used by TSA at our airports cannot store, print or transmit images. They simply don’t have that ability. Administrator Pistole also addressed this on Hardball. (At 6:03 on the clip)

They “simply don’t have that ability” ?? What a bunch of crap. These perv’s are out and out lying to us, because they think we’re so dumb and misinformed that we won’t even question it.

So I guess Chuck Schumer is just posturing when he proposed a bill to make it a federal crime to distribute the TSA’s naked images of you and your wife ? Or, perhaps the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a Washington, D.C.-based privacy advocacy group is just crazy when they decided to file a lawsuit asking a federal judge to grant an immediate injunction pulling the plug on TSA’s body scanning program.


We at AltNews.INFO wish you the best in the coming crazy year of our lord 2011. Stay safe, invest in silver and gold, buy more firearms and ammunition, and get yourself some storable food because 2011 promises to be a wild ride in our Police States of America.

On the 25th Day of Wikileaks, My Government Gave to Me

By davidswanson – Posted on 25 December 2010

On the first day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: the military in every embassy.

On the second day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: two criminal presidents.

On the third day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: three  illegal wars.

On the fourth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: four covered up crimes.

On the fifth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: five plutocracies (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

On the sixth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: six sycophants (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

On the seventh day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: seven suicide attacks.

On the eighth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: eight enemy combatants.

On the ninth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: nine NATO divisions.

On the tenth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: ten years of pollution.

On the eleventh day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: more profits for credit card companies.

On the twelfth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: drug company immunity.

On the thirteenth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: thirteen theocratic thugs.

On the fourteenth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: yet another war.

On the fifteenth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: fifteen happy followers.

On the sixteenth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: sixteen sadistic sanctions.

On the seventeenth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: seventeen infuriating peace makers.

On the eighteenth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: eighteen months of ignorance.

On the nineteenth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: Bollywood-Pentagon partnerships.

On the twentieth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: corporate muscle for diplomacy.

On the twenty-first day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: black market nukes.

On the twenty-second day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: congressional prostitution.

On the twenty-third day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: twenty-three convicted kidnappers.

On the twenty-fourth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: twenty-four million McDollars.

On the twenty-fifth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: killing the messenger.

Wikileaks: Governments ‘sought US wiretapping help’


US Sought "wiretapping" help

Panama's president says the request was "misinterpreted" by the US envoy

Fresh US diplomatic cables released via Wikileaks suggest governments have pressed the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to extend wiretapping services.

Publishing the secret cables, the New York Times said governments wanted information on political adversaries.

Panama and Paraguay are two of the nations cited.

Panama’s government says President Ricardo Martinelli’s request on wiretaps had been “misinterpreted” by the US envoy.

In a cable from August 2009, President Martinelli is reported to have “sent the ambassador a cryptic Blackberry message that said: ‘I need help with tapping phones'”.

Then US ambassador to Panama, Barbara Stephenson, says: “He made reference to various groups and individuals whom he believes should be wiretapped, and he clearly made no distinction between legitimate security targets and political enemies.”

The Panamanian president’s office has issued a statement saying the government “regrets the misunderstanding by the US authorities. The request for assistance was made for the struggle against crime, drug trafficking and organised crime”.

“We never asked for help to tap telephones of politicians. Any interpretation to such a request is completely wrong,” it says.

‘Faked incineration’

In a cable from February 2010, the DEA tries to resist a request by the government in Asuncion to spy on the Paraguayan People’s Army insurgent group, accused of a number of kidnappings.

The New York Times says that when US diplomats baulked, Paraguay Interior Minister Rafael Filizzola threatened to shut down DEA operations in Paraguay.

Diplomats finally agreed to allow wiretapping for anti-kidnapping work under certain circumstances.

“We have carefully navigated this very sensitive and politically sticky situation. It appears that we have no other viable choice,” a cable says.

The Times says the DEA has 87 offices in 63 countries and that many governments are eager to take advantage of the advanced wiretapping technology the agency uses.

DEA spokesman Lawrence Payne said on Saturday it could not comment as the cables were considered classified.

In another cable from October 2009, Mexican Defence Secretary Gen Guillermo Galvan is quoted as saying he does not trust other Mexican law enforcement agencies in anti-drugs work because of leaks and corruption.

A number of cables reveal the extent of the involvement of senior officials in the drug trade in some countries.

In one cable dated March 2008, US diplomats in Guinea report that a supposed incineration of drugs was faked.

The cable says: “The event was a real eye-opener and a facade. The incineration was a ridiculous attempt by the [government of Guinea] to prove that a law enforcement campaign against narcotics exists. If anything was proven, it was that the traffickers’ influence has reached the highest levels of the government.”

The Wikileaks website – together with several major media organisations – is currently publishing tens of thousands of leaked US diplomatic cables.

Wikileaks cable reveals U.S. conspired to retaliate against European nations if they resisted GMOs

(NaturalNews) Wikileaks continues to rock the political world by shedding light on conspiracies, corruption and cover-ups. The latest batch of diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks reveals what can only be characterized as a U.S.-led conspiracy to force GMOs onto European countries by making those countries pay a steep price if they resist.

The cable reveals the words of Craig Stapleton, the US ambassador to France, who was pushing the commercial interests of the biotech industry by attempting to force GMOs into France. In his own words (below), he expresses his frustration with the idea that France might pass environmental laws that would hamper the expansion of GMOs:

“Europe is moving backwards not forwards on this issue with France playing a leading role, along with Austria, Italy and even the [European] Commission… Moving to retaliation will make clear that the current path has real costs to EU interests and could help strengthen European pro-biotech voice.”

Got that so far? His own words: “Retaliation” as a way to “make [it] clear” that resisting GMOs will have a price.

Stapleton goes on to say something rather incredible:

“Country team Paris recommends that we calibrate a target retaliation list that causes some pain across the EU since this is a collective responsibility, but that also focuses in part on the worst culprits. The list should be measured rather than vicious and must be sustainable over the long term, since we should not expect an early victory…”

As you read these words again, remember that these are the words of the U.S. ambassador to France who is suggesting the US “calibrate a target retaliation list” in order to “cause some pain across the EU” that must be “sustainable over the long term.”

The global GMO conspiracy is no longer a theory

Need we say anything more? This cable proves, once and for all, that there is a global GMO conspiracy where government operatives work in secret to push Monsanto’s GMO agenda while punishing opponents of GMOs and adding them to a “target retaliation list.”

This cable also proves that NaturalNews has been right all along about the GMO conspiracy, and that GMO opponents such as Jeffrey Smith are battling what can only be called an evil conspiracy to control the world’s food supply. It also proves that when Alex Jones talks about the global conspiracy to control the world food supply, he’s not just ranting. He’s warning about the reality of the world in which we now live.

As Jeffery Smith said today in a Democracy Now interview:

“We’ve been saying for years that the United States government is joined at the hip with Monsanto and pushing GMOs as part of Monsanto’s agenda on the rest of the world. This lays bare the mechanics of that effort. We have Craig Stapleton, the former ambassador to France, specifically asking the U.S. government to retaliate and cause some harm throughout the European Union.” (…)

Military terms

Do you notice something about these words used by the US ambassador to France? “Calibrate a target retaliation list” sounds eerily familiar, doesn’t it? It’s the kind of language you might find tossed around in a military bombing war exercise.

That’s no coincidence: These government operatives quite literally consider themselves to be at war with the world, and they intend to conquer the world with their genetically modified poisons. They will do anything, it seems, to force-feed their deadly crops to the public.

Eight important realizations from these leaks

This Wikileaks cable brings up all sorts of issues that each might deserve a separate article, but here are the highlights of what comes to my mind on this issue:

Realization #1) Wikileaks is valuable for exposing the government lies in our world. Without Wikileaks, we never would have known about these cables which prove the existence of this GMO conspiracy.

Realization #2) US government diplomatic officials are working for the corporations! It’s just as we’ve described here on NaturalNews numerous times — Big Government is really just an extension of the most evil and most powerful corporations that now dominate our planet: The drug companies, the weapons manufacturers, the agricultural giants and so on. Here’s what Jeffrey Smith had to say about governments conspiring with Monsanto:

“In 2009, we have a cable from the ambassador to Spain from the United States asking for intervention there, asking the government to help formulate a biotech strategy and support the government — members of the government in Spain that want to promote GMOs, as well. And here, they specifically indicate that they sat with the director of Monsanto for the region and got briefed by him about the politics of the region and created strategies with him to promote the GMO agenda.”

Realization #3) The US is willing to retaliate against European countries if they try to block GMOs. This brings up the question: Why is the US so desperate to push GMOs on Europe? Clearly there is another agenda behind all this (maybe we’ll learn more in future Wikileaks releases).

Realization #4) No wonder the US government has declared war on Wikileaks because these dark secrets and “conspiracy notes” are never made public through any normal means. It takes a whistleblower to expose the true government corruption taking place in our world today.

Realization #5) The GMO conspiracy reaches to the highest levels of global control. This US ambassador Stapleton wasn’t just a nobody. He was, in fact, the co-owner of the Texas Rangers with former President George W. Bush! His wife, by the way, is George Bush’s cousin. This is a conspiracy involving the highest-ranking officials across multiple countries who are pushing a GMO agenda that’s poisoning people across the planet.

Realization #6) Governments are literally trying to kill their own people. It is widely known in the inner circles of power that GMOs are deadly, but governments keep pushing them anyway. As Jeffrey Smith explains in his interview with Democracy Now:

“…the person who was in charge of FDA policy in 1992, Monsanto’s former attorney, Michael Taylor, he allowed GMOs on the market without any safety studies and without labeling, and the policy claimed that the agency was not aware of any information showing that GMOs were significantly different. Seven years later, because of a lawsuit, 44,000 secret internal FDA memos revealed that that policy was a lie. Not only were the scientists at the FDA aware that GMOs were different, they had warned repeatedly that they might create allergies, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems. But they were ignored, and their warnings were even denied, and the policy went forth allowing the deployment GMOs into the food supply with virtually no safety studies.”

Realization #7) The GMO conspiracy is always reframed as “science”. At one point in the leaked cables, Stapleton warns that in opposing GMOs, France would “roll back established science-based decision making.” The GMO conspiracy, you have to remember, is always hidden behind the term “science” so that anyone who opposes GMOs can be characterized as being somehow against “scientific thinking.”

All this gives science a bad name, of course, but I suppose that since the history of science is filled with arrogant scientists poisoning people in the name of science (mercury, vaccines, radiation, plastics, medications, etc.), we shouldn’t be all that surprised to observe this.

Realization #8) Spain has been a key co-conspirator to push the U.S. GMO agenda. Much of the conspiring taking place in the EU has been spearheaded by Spain, whose officials met personally with the head of Monsanto to plot their push of GMOs into Europe.

All of a sudden the Blackwater story adds up

This all reminds me of a story published a few months back by The Nation in which Jeremy Scahill exposed a link between Monsanto and the military contractor known as Blackwater. His article claimed that Monsanto had hired Blackwater spies to “infiltrate activist groups organizing against the multinational biotech firm.” (…)

Monsanto vehemently denied the allegation. I looked hard at covering that story at the time but could not substantiate the accusations to my satisfaction. However, given the new information gleaned from these leaked diplomatic cables — which blatantly state that the GMO conspirators plan to “calibrate a target retaliation list” — all of a sudden the Blackwater story adds up.

This is the verbage of a military-style retaliation campaign, and that’s exactly the business of Blackwater. Remember how Stapleton said the US needed to “cause some pain?” That’s Blackwater’s calling card!

Although these cables don’t prove any connection between Monsanto and Blackwater, they do lend credence to the idea that such a link is not only possibly, but perhaps even probable. It clearly deserves additional investigation.

Regardless of whether the Blackwater / Monsanto link is ever proven, what’s crystal clear from all this is that the global GMO conspiracy is very real and that GMO conspirators plot retaliatory actions against any nation that refuses to allow GMOs into their country.

The whole thing is then disguised as “science” so that anyone who opposes it can be branded as “non-scientific.” This is the same sick way in which vaccines are pushed, too: They’re called “scientific” even when they’re based entirely on scientific fraud (as are GMOs).

How governments really operate

Above all, what these Wikileaks cables really reveal is that government conspiracies are, of course, not only real but that they are taking place right now. Diplomats and ambassadors are, in effect, government thugs who engage in the most unethical actions, full of threats and retaliation, in order to serve the financial interests of their corporate masters.

That’s how the world really works, despite the Disney-like image portrayed by the mainstream media. Behind the scenes, the U.S. government is literally plotting with Monsanto to take over the world’s food supply. That is not an exaggeration. It’s not conjecture. It is a statement of fact based on the words of the government’s own operatives (who obviously didn’t know their words would ever be made public).

Through Wikileaks, we have been given a glimpse into the truth behind the Great Wall of government lies. And that truth, it turns out, is a lot uglier than most people could have imagined. (It’s no surprise to me, because I’ve seen things that most regular people have never witnessed. But to a regular Joe Blow working his J.O.B. and watching the evening news, the hard-core truth about the world is a bit too much to handle…)

Personally, I can’t wait to see what other dark secrets are buried in these Wikileaks cables. And it all makes me wish we had a Wikileaks for the FDA, too. Can you imagine all the dirty secrets that would come out of the FDA’s offices if we could read their emails? We need an FDA leaker.

The other thought that comes to mind is how much I wouldn’t want to be Julian Assange right now. His head is now the world’s most powerful bullet magnet… especially when government rifles are anywhere nearby. If the U.S. government would conspire to create a “retaliation target list” of nations that are merely resisting GMOs, can you imagine what they will do if they ever get their hands on Assange?

Read the leaked cables right here:…


(Note: These links may not be active for very long because the governments of the world are obviously trying to shut down all the websites that post this information. The truth, it seems, is just too dangerous to allow it to be openly published.)

How to turn all this around

Don’t let all this get you down. You can take action to help turn this around!

Action Item #1) Don’t buy GMO foods! Look for the non-GMO “Project Verified” label on foods.

Action Item #2) Urge lawmakers to oppose GMOs or require honest GMO labeling of foods.

Action Item #3) Help support the Institute for Responsible Technology and other non-profits working to oppose GMOs.

Action Item #4) Stay informed! Read NaturalNews and our Facebook GMO Dangers page ( to stay up on this issue. The IRT (above) will keep you even more deeply informed on GMOs.

Action Item #5) Share what you know! Share videos, cartoons, articles and websites with your friends and family members who also care about protecting their health from GMOs.

Action Item #6) Don’t trust the government! They are pushing a GMO conspiracy. They don’t want you to have natural food, and the FDA is now being unleashed under the new food safety bill to destroy small farmers who tend to use non-GMO crops. Fight against government encroachment of our natural right to grow honest food. Support food freedom!

Learn more about GMOs

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Just say NO to GMOs.

Wikileaks cables reveal China ‘ready to abandon North Korea’

Simon Tisdall, Monday 29 November 2010 21.30 GMT

China favours unified Korea

South Korean war veterans protest after North Korea attacked Yeonpyeong Island. The WikiLeaks cables reveal Beijing believes such actions are those of a 'spoiled child'. Photograph: Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters

Leaked dispatches show Beijing is frustrated with military actions of ‘spoiled child’ and increasingly favours reunified Korea.

China has signalled its readiness to accept Korean reunification and is privately distancing itself from the North Korean regime, according to leaked US embassy cables that reveal senior Beijing figures regard their official ally as a “spoiled child”.

News of the Chinese shift comes at a crucial juncture after the North’s artillery bombardment of a South Korean island last week that killed four people and led both sides to threaten war. China has refused to condemn the North Korean action. But today Beijing appeared to bow to US pressure to help bring about a diplomatic solution, calling for “emergency consultations” and inviting a senior North Korean official to Beijing.

China is sharply critical of US pressure tactics towards North Korea and wants a resumption of the six-party nuclear disarmament talks. But the Guardian can reveal Beijing’s frustration with Pyongyang has grown since its missile and nuclear tests last year, worries about the economic impact of regional instability, and fears that the death of the dictator, Kim Jong-il, could spark a succession struggle.

China’s moves to distance itself from Kim are revealed in the latest tranche of leaked US embassy cables published by the Guardian and four international newspapers. Tonight, the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, said the US “deeply regrets” the release of the material by WikiLeaks. They were an “attack on the international community”, she said. “It puts people’s lives in danger, threatens our national security and undermines efforts to work with other countries to solve shared problems,” she told reporters at the state department.

The leaked North Korea dispatches detail how:

South Korea‘s vice-foreign minister said he was told by two named senior Chinese officials that they believed Korea should be reunified under Seoul’s control, and that this view was gaining ground with the leadership in Beijing.

• China’s vice-foreign minister told US officials that Pyongyang was behaving like a “spoiled child” to get Washington’s attention in April 2009 by carrying out missile tests.

• A Chinese ambassador warned that North Korean nuclear activity was “a threat to the whole world’s security”.

• Chinese officials assessed that it could cope with an influx of 300,000 North Koreans in the event of serious instability, according to a representative of an international agency, but might need to use the military to seal the border.

In highly sensitive discussions in February this year, the-then South Korean vice-foreign minister, Chun Yung-woo, told a US ambassador, Kathleen Stephens, that younger generation Chinese Communist party leaders no longer regarded North Korea as a useful or reliable ally and would not risk renewed armed conflict on the peninsula, according to a secret cable to Washington.

Chun, who has since been appointed national security adviser to South Korea’s president, said North Korea had already collapsed economically.

Political collapse would ensue once Kim Jong-il died, despite the dictator’s efforts to obtain Chinese help and to secure the succession for his son, Kim Jong-un.

“Citing private conversations during previous sessions of the six-party talks , Chun claimed [the two high-level officials] believed Korea should be unified under ROK [South Korea] control,” Stephens reported.

“The two officials, Chun said, were ready to ‘face the new reality’ that the DPRK [North Korea] now had little value to China as a buffer state – a view that, since North Korea’s first nuclear test in 2006, had reportedly gained traction among senior PRC [People’s Republic of China] leaders. Chun argued that in the event of a North Korean collapse, China would clearly ‘not welcome’ any US military presence north of the DMZ [demilitarised zone]. Again citing his conversations with [the officials], Chun said the PRC would be comfortable with a reunified Korea controlled by Seoul and anchored to the US in a ‘benign alliance’ – as long as Korea was not hostile towards China. Tremendous trade and labour-export opportunities for Chinese companies, Chun said, would also help ‘salve’ PRC concerns about … a reunified Korea.

“Chun dismissed the prospect of a possible PRC military intervention in the event of a DPRK collapse, noting that China’s strategic economic interests now lie with the United States, Japan and South Korea – not North Korea.”

Chun told Stephens China was unable to persuade Pyongyang to change its self-defeating policies – Beijing had “much less influence than most people believe” – and lacked the will to enforce its views.

A senior Chinese official, speaking off the record, also said China’s influence with the North was frequently overestimated. But Chinese public opinion was increasingly critical of the North’s behaviour, the official said, and that was reflected in changed government thinking.

Previously hidden tensions between Pyongyang and its only ally were also exposed by China’s then vice-foreign minister in a meeting in April 2009 with a US embassy official after North Korea blasted a three-stage rocket over Japan into the Pacific. Pyongyang said its purpose was to send a satellite into orbit but the US, South Korea and Japan saw the launch as a test of long-range missile technology.

Discussing how to tackle the issue with the charge d’affaires at the Beijing embassy, He Yafei observed that “North Korea wanted to engage directly with the United States and was therefore acting like a ‘spoiled child’ in order to get the attention of the ‘adult’. China encouraged the United States, ‘after some time’, to start to re-engage the DPRK,” according to the diplomatic cable sent to Washington.

A second dispatch from September last year described He downplaying the Chinese premier’s trip to Pyongyang, telling the US deputy secretary of state, James Steinberg: “We may not like them … [but] they [the DPRK] are a neighbour.

He said the premier, Wen Jiabao, would push for denuclearisation and a return to the six-party talks. The official also complained that North Korea “often tried to play China off [against] the United States, refusing to convey information about US-DPRK bilateral conversations”.

Further evidence of China’s increasing dismay with Pyongyang comes in a cable in June 2009 from the US ambassador to Kazakhstan, Richard Hoagland. He reported that his Chinese counterpart, Cheng Guoping. was “genuinely concerned by North Korea’s recent nuclear missile tests. ‘We need to solve this problem. It is very troublesome,’ he said, calling Korea’s nuclear activity a ‘threat to the whole world’s security’.”

Cheng said Beijing “hopes for peaceful reunification in the long term, but he expects the two countries to remain separate in the short term”, Hoagland reported. China’s objectives were “to ensure they [North Korean leaders] honour their commitments on non-proliferation, maintain stability, and ‘don’t drive [Kim Jong-il] mad’.”

While some Chinese officials are reported to have dismissed suggestions that North Korea would implode after Kim’s death, another cable offers evidence that Beijing has considered the risk of instability.

It quoted a representative from an international agency saying Chinese officials believed they could absorb 300,000 North Koreans without outside help. If they arrived “all at once” it might use the military to seal the border, create a holding area and meet humanitarian needs. It might also ask other countries for help.

The context of the discussions was not made explicit, although an influx of that scale would only be likely in the event of regime failure. The representative said he was not aware of any contingency planning to deal with large numbers of refugees.

A Seoul embassy cable from January 2009 said China’s leader, Hu Jintao, deliberately ducked the issue when the South Korean president, Lee Myung-bak, raised it at a summit.

“We understand Lee asked Hu what China thought about the North Korean domestic political situation and whether Beijing had any contingency plans. This time, Hu apparently pretended not to hear Lee,” it said. The cable does not indicate the source of the reports, although elsewhere it talks about contacts at the presidential “blue house” in South Korea.