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Wal-Mart is Creepy.

The recent development that Wal-Mart wishes to place RFID tags in their undergarments is not terribly startling, except for the fact that these tags cannot be deactivated by the customer, and only taken off and thrown away, likely from the customer’s home, and from there, likely tracked by the waste collector, who is acting as “eyes and ears in the street for police“.

The infographic below is from Gizmodo which very eloquently explains the process.

Gizmodo article regarding the RFID tracking of Wal-Mart underwear

The issue at hand, as the Gizmodo article points out, is less about the tracking of the underwear, but the further agenda of tracking you real time through the new ID cards and licenses to combine data into an overall control grid of electronic surveillance.

[Privacy advocates] also worry that retailers will be able to scan customers who carry new types of personal ID cards as they walk through a store, without their knowledge. Several states, including Washington and New York, have begun issuing enhanced driver’s licenses that contain radio- frequency tags with unique ID numbers, to make border crossings easier for frequent travelers. Some privacy advocates contend that retailers could theoretically scan people with such licenses as they make purchases, combine the info with their credit card data, and then know the person’s identity the next time they stepped into the store.

Wal-Mart’s adoption of big brotherish messages coming over its telescreens from the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano have already caused a stir among many citizens who fear that the connection of DHS and Wal-Mart signals the public shift in paradigm from freedom to a totalitarian police state. They may not be that far from the truth.