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Massive fish and bird die-off in progress | Brazil | Sweden | USA | New Zealand

Sudden bird and fish die offs around the planet spark end of days fears (as if we needed more of that)

Google map of Bird and Fish die off

View Mass Animal Deaths in a larger map

It started with reports from the BBC on January 3rd 2010 that 1000 birds had dropped from the sky, and that the cause was fireworks (sure), and one after another, the stories came in of more die offs around the world. Sweden, Brazil, the United States, New Zealand. Who is next?

This early report on the Beebe local station reports 2000+ but the numbers are indicating at least 5000 or more birds dead, oddly, all within a 1 mile radius of each other.

Massive fish die off, also in Arkansas.

Spruce Creek Florida, thousands of fish suddenly dead.

Massive Fish Die Off in Baltimore

Massive Fish Die Off in Baltimore

In Baltimore, a cold spell is supposedly to blame for a massive fish die off numbering in the tens of thousands:

GILBERTSVILLE, Ky. a woman reports “dozens of dead birds” around her yard. “It’s really creepy.”

Pointe Coupee Parish LABARRE, La, “Hundreds of dead blackbirds found near New Roads” Dr. Jim LaCour of Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said people who find such die-offs should not touch the animals, and instead contact their regional wildlife office.

And in Sweden, 50 to 100 jackdaws were found by residents dead on their street. “We have received information from local residents last night. Our main theory is that the birds were scared away because of the fireworks and landed on the road, but couldn’t fly away from the stress and were hit by a car”

That happens all the time, right? Why the fireworks story again, half a world away? Is this some sort of talking point? When has new years fireworks ever caused groups of birds to simply drop dead?

Paraná, Paranaguá Brazil, a massive 100 ton sardine / croaker / catfish die off is going to impact the local fisherman’s livelihoods as there will be significantly less to actually eat. None of the fish are allowed to be eaten.

100 tonnes of sardines, croakers and catfish dead in Brazil

“Internet keyword searches continue to register off the charts. Queries like “dead fish Bible,” dead birds and fish Revelation,” dead birds and fish die End Times.” were being entered by the million Tuesday,” writes Jim Hagerty.

Controversial Pastor James David Manning, voiced his belief that the die-offs were a harbinger of the Great Tribulation and the start of the Biblical end times, calling the phenomena “Global Katrina 2,” and, an act of “biological warfare”.

It is my personal belief that the Corexit clouds from the Gulf are systematically destroying waves of animals as they pass through it. It could be anything, at this point. The level toxicity affecting living creatures at this point in time is astounding, and growing daily. The chemtrails that clutter the sky, raining down heavy metal particles and the pollution of the planet in addition to all the medicines and drugs that have been flushed away by careless minds, the world is undergoing a mass extinction level event, right now.

A study conducted by Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources concluded that oil in the environment is toxic at 11 PPM (parts per million). Corexit 9500 is toxic at only 2.61 PPM.

CHARLESTON, S.C., Jan. 6 (UPI) — Hundreds of thousands of dead fish washed ashore on the South Carolina coast Thursday morning, littering the sand along the tide line, wildlife officials said.

As the water in the Gulf of Mexico heats up, Corexit 9500 goes through a phase transition that changes it from a liquid to a gas, which is readily absorbed by clouds and released as toxic rain. Which is likely the cause of the strange spots and disease found on crops in the midwest recently.

Lets not forget, the same chemical was used in the Exxon Valdez cleanup, and nearly all of those workers are now dead.

According to the Institute for Southern Studies, “A large number of workers cleaning up the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico report that they are suffering from flu-like symptoms.”

Michael Snyder wrote an article in a Business Insider which reveals problems currently affecting Florida beach residents, who are not actively involved in any cleanup effort on the spill, just living near it. The quote:

“My 2 friends and I have been sick with headaches and vomiting, also it feels like heartburn, just feeling lousy. We have not been to the Gulf but there is an inlet at the end of our street. We live on the West side of Pensacola FL. near the Bayou. At first I thought it was just me. My 2 friends are having the same symptoms, all at the same time. Right now I have a dull headache, and my stomach is queasy. I have been thinking maybe the chemicals from the oil cleanup or the oil itself is causing us to be ill. It has been raining all day off and on. I started feeling ill late last night. I was wondering if anyone else in Pensacola have the same symptoms.”

Check out these links for more references on Corexit

Acute aquatic toxicity of three Corexit products

Corexit Action Alert

Citizens for Legitimate Government, states that, “400 people have sought medical care for upper or lower respiratory problems, headaches, nausea, and eye irritation after trips to Escambia County beaches.”

Whatever is causing the mass die offs, if it is a mass extinction level event, then it will persist until there is nothing left. We at AltNews.INFO will continue to provide the latest details about this story as it unfolds.