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House & Senate pass NDAA, Obama says he will not veto it

The death of the American Republic is at hand. Your government is set to make it legal to detain you indefinitely for merely being suspected of terrorism. What makes a terrorist?

Rand Paul was quoting an FBI/DOJ flyer when he said that people with missing fingers, people who own guns, people who are prepared for collapse with storable food, or people who pay with cash are considered to be terror suspects.

The White House  just announced that they would not veto this bill, which means it will likely become law.

Following closely behind will be SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, which effectively kills your freedom of speech online. Say something suspected of being in copyright infringement? no notice, no hearing, no nothing. Blacked out forever. Your site, maybe even this site you are reading, will be gone from the web as easily as flicking off a light switch, and for something as frivolous as someone claiming infringement of some suspected “copyright”, which no regard to the Fair Use doctrine.  And just like that, with no due process, you’re history.

As doomsday looms, there can be no open discussion as to the nature of the cage in which we find ourselves or there will be consequences dire and severe. If the American people just bury their heads in American Idol, Skyrim, Dancing with the stars and Battlefield 3, and forget about what has happened to their country their will emerge some number of years from now, pale from years inside with only the glow of the screen  for light, and they will find there’s nothing left of this place.

America has been thoroughly looted and we said nothing. They then took to straight up ransacking the place and we said nothing, and now the conquerors are set to raze it to the ground, with all of us huddling inside our homes in fear of the hordes and the best resistance we can seem to muster at this critical time is a leaderless mob of people camping in our major city parks. Thankfully, they have moved on from that concept, and are now occupying the foreclosed and boarded up homes of this nation. Banks are horrible property managers, that is a fact, and if they can occupy these places and keep the blight from spreading, I think that is a good movement.

But at some point, when all of the other freedoms are gone, and they are about to be, they will turn their focus again toward the only one that makes all the others still attainable by the people, you know the one I’m talking about. The fact that the current administration has done very little against 2a thusfar has proven to be quite a good smokescreen of plausible deniability, but we all know that the agenda is not dead, and WHEN NDAA and SOPA pass, they will have all the authority they need to claim people who even own guns are potential terrorists.

When will the American people take their stand? What will be the straw that breaks their strong back? The days and weeks ahead, with the collapse of the Eurozone approaching and the saber-rattling with Iran over the RQ-170 Sentinel drone they brought down over their airspace, are set to be turbulent indeed.

What can I say, America? If you haven’t prepped for this, you’re a fool. If you were caught up in this year’s Black Friday nonsense trying to get cheap electronics, I’m sad to say you’re doomed. As Demcad on YouTube would say, the Future Belongs to those to Prepare for it TODAY.

Shimon Perez: Israel / World quickly approaching military option on Iran

Out of the frying pans of Iraq and Afghanistan, the troops may simply be redirected into the fires of Iran on news that the world may be approaching a “military option” because of their persistent nuclear ambitions. Shimon Perez said today that the nations of the world made commitments to Israel and they must now make good on those commitments to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability. Of course, geopolitics being what it is, Iran is backed up by several powerful nations including Russia and China, and this latest sword-rattling from Israel may only serve to incite violence. Perhaps even begin World War 3, or arguably 4.

Source: Haaretz

PM Peres Daniel Bar-On

Shimon Peres, 1984-1986; 1995-1996 (Daniel Bar-On)


Peres: I believe Israel / world approaching military option on Iran nuclear threat