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CIA Admits It Monitors, Analyzes Facebook, Twitter

CIA TwitterThe Associated Press published a report today detailing, for the first time, a unit within the CIA, referring to itself as the ‘vengeful librarians,’ that is responsible for monitoring the vast and various social networks, local and international news, radio, and television, Internet chat rooms, and pretty much anything from which they can procure intelligence.

The unit is part of the CIA’s Open Source Center. Their goal is to monitor every facet of the internet in every imaginable language, cross-referencing that information with local news reports and information gleaned in the more traditional, cloak-and-dagger, spy-type espionage. Much of the information, according to the AP, ends up in the hands of White House officials and even in President Obama’s daily intelligence briefings.

Security experts have long suspected that the growing social net was part of the intelligence community’s open source information gathering. Speaking at the SOURCE Boston conference in 2010, researcher Moxie Marlinspike likened Google’s aggregation of data to the Department of Defense’s now-notorious “Total Information Awareness” plan. However, the report is the first public admission by the CIA that – yes – spooks are eyeballing your Tweets and Facebook Wall posts for valuable information.

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2 comments to CIA Admits It Monitors, Analyzes Facebook, Twitter

  • Pam

    Just have to say, there is and will be heavy duty karmic action to come upon all those who make conscious choices to harm or undermine others. Getting into the free will of others without heir knowledge is against Universal LAW! All should clearly think about the choices they are making in these times and expect the ramifications of those choices in kind! NO one has power over another…NOT in this country they do not! We have collective power according to the laws of this land and expect us to honor it as such even as those who lead us and are hired to protect us do not…they are in service to self and their masters…so who are the slaves really?

    • The facades and curtains hiding all the wizards of oz are coming down, and accountability and integrity are starting to take hold in the popular consciousness. It truly is a wonderful time to be alive to witness all of this.

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