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Disturbing trend arising: Denial of citizens right to free speech and redress of grievances at City Councils across the nation

In Quartzsite Arizona last month, Jennifer Jones was hauled away from a council meeting and arrested for criticizing Police Chief Jeff Gilbert , who later had the council declare martial law as a result of the bad publicity generated by the incident.

Also last month in Gould, Arkansas, the City Council moved to ban all gatherings and groups, no matter how small, from discussing city matters without prior permission from the authorities.

In an incident reported by Infowars this week, Republican Congressman Steve Chabot had cops grab the cameras of constituents during a town hall meeting in Cincinnati Ohio.

In a new incident out of Austin, Texas a city council meeting , anti-drug war activist Ronnie Reeferseed was hauled away by thugish police at the behest of the tyrannical mayor Lee Leffingwell and was banned for a year from entering the council chambers merely for stating his name in a mildly satirical manner.

Watch the video below




In addition, Mayor Lee Leffingwell has installed new rules for citizen communication that says a person can’t speak on more that three agenda items per session. In an average Austin City Council meeting, 150+ items are on the agenda.


This trend is extremely disturbing, and has been rearing its ugly head over and over as people are becoming angrier and angrier with the system, and feel their voices need to be heard. Once was a time that dissent and being the squeaky wheel got results, but it seems ever more apparent that this sort of behavior will only get you into more trouble with the people who run the world. They do not wish to hear from their slaves, they merely want your silent, obedient consent. Now is the time to get more active in the affairs of your government at the local level and assert your rights that God has given you.

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2 comments to Disturbing trend arising: Denial of citizens right to free speech and redress of grievances at City Councils across the nation

  • Ronnie Reeferseed

    Austin’s laughingstock of a mayor Lee Leffingwell is dissolving politically BECAUSE he has never bothered, evidently, to read our precious US Constitution, which is, after all, THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND!!! You cannot blame me, Ronnie Reeferseed, because I personally handed him a copy of this tyranny-shattering document!

    Why has every president, since JFK was overthrown, been hell-bent on destroying this priceless gift? Because they were all traitors, mere stooges for the banksters!!!

    We all must do everything we can to defy the pundits, so that Ob-Gyn Dr. Ron Paul can deliver Peace, Love, and Liberty to the entire world BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!

    Face it, our zealot-controlled Lame-Scheme Media will never, ever “give us permission” to legalize liberty, so quit waiting for it… Please visit NOW RonPaul2012,com!

    • Iconoclast

      Nice to see you here, Ronnie. Thank you for your efforts, and your words of wisdom. We here at AltNews.INFO agree completely with your endorsement of liberty over tyranny, a return to constitutional government, and we also endorse Ron Paul for president in 2012.

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