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Fukushima still ongoing. “Foggy emissions coming from the broken and crippled reactors.”

Source: Democratic Underground
Aug 5, 2012

The good news is it hasn’t blown all to pieces, yet.

The bad news is that it could with an earthquake. The other day, and about once a week for months now, the Live Camera at Fukushima showed all kinds of foggy emissions coming from the broken and crippled reactors. Link to camera:

At that link you can see the exposed yellow dome reactor in the background right. That is #4 reactor where after explosions and fires the top two floors were removed.

On the floor that the yellow dome is sitting is the fuel pool that rods must be removed from very carefully before the pool collapses. There are many tons of radioactive rods in that pool and they must be kept cool by staying in water.

One reason the building exploded and burned was that the pool did lose a lot of water after 3/11.

To the left of that yellow dome is the remains of #3. Not much has been done there since explosion and fire buckled the roof. I figure the fuel pool was blown up and so do many others. This was the place where they had lots of plutonium and the mess is now so dangerous they are staying away from it. Leaving it be.

Further to the left is #2. Robots were sent in there and never came out it is so radioactive, but the building is intact. It is believed that the core there has melted. Same with the next building #1. It did blow up and now has a ‘tent’ installed over it and the core in there has also melted and robots go in but never come out.

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