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The State murderers rise within a collapsing nation


Don't you dare run from a psychopath, if he happens to be wearing a badge.


This psychopath, Michael Thomas Slager is getting charged with murder.

I can’t even believe I am now watching police snuff videos daily in this country. Every day it seems, a new murder at the hands of the State. Some instances of force I can justify as lawful self defense in favor of officers, but MOST lately that I’ve seen appear to be irrefutable proof that there is a SERIOUS problem with police violence here in this country. The problem is we have a collapsing dollar, the debt system we live in is unsustainable and it MUST crash, and it has only been staved off thus far by printing more money. Unfortunately creating more debt to pay back existing, behemoth debt, is never going to work. The government knows this, and it does its best to clamp down on any rebellion that may be coming by creating these tensions between ‘law enforcement’ and the people, escalating it to the flash point, if it can. Creating stress in the economy, stress in confidence of government, keeping war and its institutions going at all times but never discussing it, creating a security state that monitors and records your every move, these things will tend to depress and chill a populace into acquiescence to their evil control scheme and make complicit everyone, so no one can be held to account.

We have taken the concept of security way out of control and it has created a panic and fear response from everyone. A normal civilization doesn’t have its peacekeepers shooting people in the back, who’s ‘crime’  happened to be running away from their attacking, aggressive ‘authority’. Only collapsing ones do. The water line is approaching… Are there any lifeboats left at this point? Probably not. It certainly isn’t Rand Paul, or anyone else you can vote for.

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